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Ramdom restarts everyday.. When you update system for FIX IT!

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First - OH My FUCKING God. After I'm read forum I don't have anything to say. Around 2 months I have a lot of problems AFTER UPDATE System from ASUS!!!! I'm think I'm only one have this problem and I'm very anxious 😓😓 my phone is battery drain, restarts random time everyday... And a lot of problems. It's all happened because Update system ???? WTF ... Several months later THIS problem it's not Fix ????? .. I'll buy new phone soon and I'm interest in ROG phone. , I'm have 3 ZenFone in my house, Still use one and have a lot of problems. I'm think IF this problem NOT FIX my next phone isn't you ASUS. P.S. Don't tell me to do Reset factory and send to fix . I'M DON'T RESET!!! because I've a lot of data for work !! PLS update hurry! All customers is very angry!! Thanks!

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Hi rungsini.w34 We are sorry to hear that you are having this issue. While an apology is no substitute, We want to offer one on behalf of ASUS. We appreciate your reporting this matter to us as it helps to know the kinds of difficulties our customers have so we can work toward improvements. Can you check the private message .I would appreciate your reply.