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Mobile cpu temperature showing wrong temperature and he become dead after 55 to 65degree celcius

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Zenfone max m2
Firmware Version:9
Rooted or not:not
Frequency of Occurrence:many times per day
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): temperature monitor

Sir/mam I'm using Asus Zenfone max m2 , the problem in this phone is it become dead after very little temperature, after cooling down it can restart normally by pressing power button. the cpu temperature fluctuate and ranging from 35 to 65 degree celcius. When it showing 55 to 60 celcius temperature in app ( in real condition it does not heat up). I thought there is something temperature sensor error it shows double temperature than the real temperature, due to this problem my phone is dead at 55 to 60 degree Celsius . Now I cannot unable to use mobile at day condition because when it increase slightly high temperature the devices become dead., So I can only use in the home or night where environment temperature is low.i can't shoot video more than 5 min bcoz it may dead becoz of incorrect temperature reading. Plz suggest me What the problem with my phone? And how can I solve this?
(App showing GPU temperature)
(Other wise phone is good working pubg also run smoothly but only at night or in front of cooler )


Zen Master III
Hi, we'd request you follow the below steps:
1. Clear system cache.
2. Please try to enter "Safe Mode". If the function works well in Safe Mode yet the issue remains out of Safe Mode, please check for any disturbance from the installed 3rd party apps.
# How to enter and exit "Safe Mode"
3. If still you face the issue factory reset your phone after
taking a full backup :
4. Last option would be to visit the service center to have a
check. Locate here: