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I could not up date 8.1

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ZF Model: ZB570TL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-14.02.1809.70_20190708
Frequency of Occurrence: 1
Rooted: No
APP Name:

I bought this smartphone end of last year at Chinese shop through aliexpress. android version 7.0 Firm no. WW-14.02.1809.70_20190708 Base band version MOLY.LR11.W1603.MD.MP.V35.4.P119, 2018/09/17 10:38 Kernel version 3.18.35+ wind-kernel@droid #1 Mon Jul 8 15:45:08 CST 2019 Build no. WW-Phone-14.02.1809.70-20190708 I tried to up date android version 8.1 by using manual up date. But I could not it. It indicated failure halfway through. (Version WW-15.02.1810.347 2018/11/14, version WW-15.02.1904.453 2019/05/23) Of course, I chcked system up date several times. But I did not get it. Could you show me how to do it ? [img][/img]

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Last edited by Selena_ASUS on 2020/1/21 10:33 Hi svraffter Good day There is no version WW-14.02.1809.70 for ZB570TL Please check the firmware on official website Please help to confirm could update to Version WW-15.02.1810.347.when your phone in Version WW-14.02.1809.69. Thank you:)

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Selena_ASUS posted on 2020/1/20 12:09 Hi svraffter Good day
Is this a answer? I have been waiting for it four days. I lost my heart. I have alreday seen indicated site. But my cell phone indicate WW_14.02.1809.70_20190708 I attached screen shot , open your eyes and look it carefully !!!! Another person made a same question. Now this model is started bargain sell. I think same question will be gradually increased. Did you really contact the firmware division person and give me a answer?

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svraffter posted on 2020/1/21 09:26 Is this a answer? I have been waiting for it four days. I lost my heart.
Hi svraffter We'll be happy to assist. Could you send us a private message with your serial number, please. Thank you:)

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Last edited by quilibrium on 2020/1/21 19:07 Hi, I have the same issue with the same build nr (WW_14.02.1809.70_20190708). I tried manually updating alll the different with a higher version numbering from but no success. Could you please help me out? Thank you!