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Notch problem when landscape

ZF Model: ZE554KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: 1233Frequency of Occurrence: 1233Rooted: NoAPP Name: Screenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201908/24/214425o46p421wqeiz1ri1.jpgNotch problem when landscape

Back flash/flashlight not working

APP Name: FlashlightRooted: NoFrequency of Occurrence: AlwaysFirmware/APP Version: WW_ZC554KL_15.2016.1907.519_20190724RAM: 3GZF Model: ZE554KLThe flash on the back of the phone does not function at all I tried using other flashlight apps and the lig...


Model: ZC520TLRAM: 3GBFirmware/App Version: Ww_15'10'1810.275_20181105Location: IndiaFrequency of Occurrence: OffenRooted: NoApp Name: Description: After oreo update works very slow.also heating up.battery drain very fast.Very weak

ZC520KL firmware bugs

ZF Model: ZC520KLRAM: 3GFirmware/APP Version: X00HD-WW-15.2016.1907.519Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: Firmware, Google Calendar, Google MessagesThere are some bugs which still exist in Andoid 8.1 and it doesn't seem developers are...

theakio by Star I
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Youtube and Twitch lag

ZF Model: ZB570TLRAM: 3GFirmware/APP Version: android 9Frequency of Occurrence: dailyRooted: NoAPP Name: When i watch 1080p 60 video on Youtube(or Twitch) video runs in 10 fps The problem is only on video. A live 1080p 60 runs fine on Youtube The p...

ZenUI Crashed, can't use factory reset

APP Name: Rooted: NoFrequency of Occurrence: Just today. Yesterday was fine.RAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: WW_Phone-15.02.1904.453ZF Model: ZB555KLGood morning friends. I have to ask several problem, my phone sytem has crashed for no reason, several ...