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(ZB601KL)(MaxProM1) A10.v432 Update Review

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( on desktop site)
Updated from Beta3.v429 to Beta4.v432
V429 - 30% Bass
V432- 70% Bass
100% Bass after adb uninstalling of icepower (adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 dk.icepower.icesound )
2. No data loss after update
3. Gcam works ( MGC_7.3.020_Parrot043-v2.apk)

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Hey Asus!! Can U please include more fonts in stable android 10 update? Google sans font would be awesome .....

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Tell me what you tried and where did you encounter problem?

Where is your zip file located? Outside downloads folder?

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Nvm, i did downgrade because Android 10 beta was restarting every time Android 10 when i watching video on YouTube or using Google files to copy or transfer something to SD cardNvm, I downgraded it because Android 10 beta was restarting every time Android 10 was watching a video on YouTube or using Google files to copy or transfer something to the SD card

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1. Model:- Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

2. Version:- Android 10 V.432 (Beta 4)

3. Subject:- Major/Minor Bugs

Hello Asus Moderators,

As i used this Android 10 beta version 432... I found some Major Or Minor Bugs... According to your Choice...

(Note:- All Viewers, Tag Each and every Asus Moderators, So they will fix these bugs and bring proper stable update)

Bugs that i noticed, and made video proof...

1. Screen Brightness Issue

As mentioned, i recorded a video regarding Screen brightness issue... Basically the brightness was not working properly at outside, i was had to set full (100% brightness) for viewing in outdoor, please see the video👇👇👇

2. Navigation Gesture Gap Bug (Small Width dpi)

In this, the Android 10 navigation Gesture bar, was taking lot of space that it was looks like odd in manner... But it can be fixed by manually process just

Goto Settings -> About Phone -> (Find) Build Number -> Tap 6 to 7 times -> (Just Look for) Small Width (Default Value:- 423dpi) -> Change to 410 dpi

Problem solved... But asus should fix this in stable update, see PDF

3. Home Screen Widget (Google Search Bar)

In this, in Home screen the Google Search bar was unable to move it... But when i set and placed that widget, It was removed if it is a feature then ignore it... Otherwise Asus Should fix this bug

4. Huge Gap from bottom screen chin to home screen showing apps

In this bug, it was very odd and very irritating look problem... Why there is very big gap i didn't understand even in normal dpi width (423dpi) and as well as modified dpi width (410dpi)... It breaks the look of homescreen and looks very oddy look... Please Asus, fix it.


5. Google Playstore Downloading Problem

In Google Playstore, after downloading/updating from 5 to 6 apps it showing error messages and can't able to install that apps, on below attached PDF is the proof,

6. Navigation Bar At Normal Screen Vs. Navigation Bar at the time of running Keyboard

Here, i changed the dpi size from 423 to 410... And you can see the results on below attached PDF...

7. Drop-down Arrow while running Keyboard in wrong Alignment

Its nearly related to above mentioned bug (No. 6 Bug), but here's the problem regarding that drop-down arrow showing on bottom left side, see the image.


8. Unwanted Settings Suggestions in Settings App

In this, in comparison from Beta 3 the rate of Settings Suggestions was decreased but... Same thing, added 2 new more suggestions are placed... And also can't removed it, i request you Asus please fix this problem... Please it looks like irritating

9. Camera App:- Photo Clicking while from Front Camera

It was the new bug that i found from this version, when i switched from Rear camera to from camera in photo mode while i turned on the flash... Then on front side it automatic glows and even i didn't clicked the capturing the photo... It was a serious bug asus Should fix it ASAP..., For more info. please see the video

10. Camera App:- Video recording automatically starts from switching Photo to Video Mode in Both Front And Rear Camera

Should i explaine, or you understand the heading... For more understanding please see the video... (Well I don't know that it was a feature or serious bug...) But Asus Should answer this

11. Sometimes the Apps Are not showing in App Drawer in Quickstep

This problem was happened with me one time only... But when i changed the Small width (from 410 dpi to 423 dpi)... And i set it to text size and display size to small... It was a bug... Asus Should Fix it.


Extra Bugs... That I can't able to get the proof...

12. Apps Crashing frequently (Like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc) But fixed after restarting/reboot the device.

13. Charging time slowly decreased from 4hrs to 3hrs 30min. But need to fix more... like it should be 2hrs 45 min. To 3 hrs. (All users are demanding for this thing)

14. Need a little bit more improvement in Sound quality (from 20 to 30%) both in Speaker and headphones/earphones... Asus should review it

15. Network Drop several times (While giving Hotspot to other devices) and in standby mode... And it was fixed after restarting or turn on airplane mode but after several times again it problem was started... Asus should also review it and fix it.

All viewers (Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Users), please share this post to Every users and reach this post to Asus Developers and Moderators...

Thank you

Tarun Dalai

Please Moderators see this

@Victor01_ASUS, @Christine@Christine @Christine, @ARP @ARP, @Anders_ASUS

Max Pro M1 : Beta 4 (432) Major/Minor Bugs...
You can see also these bugs and report it also

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Hey Asus!! Can U please include more fonts in stable android 10 update? Google sans font would be awesome .....

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Google sans pleaseeeeeee

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