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Asus ZenFone max pro m2 Android 10 428 bug

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Bug list
1.wifi bar is unnormal when the phone near the wifi is only shown 3 bar,when its pie its show full bar with the same location bass while using headphone and android system webview can't be updated in Google play so i clearing the data of Google play and works normal hdr quality have to improve ,and also the low light please add night mode to have good low light photos
5.improve camera interface
6.improve the speed of face unlock and fingerprint
7.the google search bar can't be remove
8.improve charging speed by enabling quick charge support i know that sdm 660 support quick charge
9.improve battery consumption
10.unlock 4.5G and wifi 5ghz support
11.when i play pubg mobile with smooth high frame rate its run smoother than pie,also when pie the analog of the game stoped by itself,i think thats the pie bug can you improve the pie performance before you released another beta of android 10
Thank you

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If bluetooth connect wireless earphone and tune LDAC mode bletooth restart and connect repaeatly but songs is not play in earphone. It play mobile speaker.

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