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Cameras on zenone 9 versus 10

Star I

I want to replace my LG v60 with either a Zenfone 9 or 10. According to GSMArena specs, on paper, the selfie camera on the ZenFone 9 is substantially better than the selfie camera on the Zenfone 10.

However, I just watched a YouTube review that said that the front facing camera on the Zenfone 10 is better than the 9 which is not obvious from the specs list.

I'm asking for some tiebreaker help here. I want the phone with the better cameras and I'm torn. If I want the phone with better cameras then which one should I buy?

Thank you!


Star II

Zenfone 9 user here. Zen9 selfie camera is 12MP but it's quite bad (especially in low light). Zen10 has a 32MP selfie camera, so I suppose it's better.