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Why in the world is my zenfone max pro m1 battery drain is like a leaking bucket..

Star III
I had it.. what is this some kind of joke..? I can't use my phone for even 2 hrs now. A phone which lasted the entire day with full usage.. I used to watch 3-4 films in one single charge.
It shows 5 hrs left but it won't last even for 2 hours. Even if it does for 5 hrs is that all this phone had..? For 80% it gave more than 24 hrs of standby.
I don't know if asus has some kind of broken dictionary or something.. !!! the word UPDATE means to make improvements.. not to make it worse.. really if you can't do it right don't do it.. I mean no one is asking you to..! Everyime u bring out a new update patche something gets worse.. instead of bringing some new features u take away the things which was already there.. it's good to see asus still has a sense of humour.!!
This was a good phone.. one of the best I had.. the battery performance was the highlight.. and u ruined it.. thanku.. really helpful.. now I can't leave my home for more than 2-3 hours because the battery drains without any usage..
Either fix it or give me my refund.. you guys are the one who said about the great battery life. And I am not getting any now.. there nothing wrong with the battery.. it's just your useless updates.. so technically u destroyed the phone...


Star I
Yes bro, My mobile also draining quickly. I'm also using same " asus max pro m1". Worst phone I have used ever. Night 40 % battery there next day morning my phone switch off, it's draining like a leaking bucket. Front camera worst ,back camera ok performance. Selfie camera is worst.

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Yes battery is draining quickly after 87 update

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I also updated my phone to 086 version and then the battery drain occured. Within 24 hours i reverted back to 082 version and now my phone is working perfectly fine. I would suggest you guys to roll back to the previous build. There is one irratating thing though. The new fota update will stay in the notification bar unless you want to update it. And finally don't trust on asus and don't update any fota updates in the future. Better go for custom roms.

No gaming, used at morning and then at 4
(Well I do play PUBG but it's deleted after the ban)

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Asus sure knows how to sabotage their own brand. It's unbelievable that an update with such a critical bug is released. Countless phones would have been permanently damaged due to this one update. Though as I can see now, Asus has been releasing very buggy updates since way back.
This experience has been so frustrating, I'm going to cringe every time I see an Asus phone anywhere.