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System storage in 3/32gb variant MPM1

Rising Star I
i just noticed a strange thing today after the latest 438 update that system is using 17gb of the 32gb available internal storage.
previous it used to consume only 8-10gb of storage then how suddenly it started consuming 17gb of storage just with this latest update?

can anyone confirm how much system is using storage in your phone, i am very shocked seeing this thing
like literally more than half of storage is being used by the system alone, how is it possible, and i never faced this before

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but why so much difference in system storage, yours is having less than 8gb


everyone using the same device with same firmware then why so much difference?

whats the thing which is causing this difference?

can any mode help us?

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Clear apps catch data and u see the difference 🙂

Rising Star I

Clear apps catch data and u see the difference 🙂

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i did tried that, but its making huge difference, the problem remain the same, slowly but surely the system storage is increasing