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Stuck in bootloop

ZF Model: ZB630KL
Firmware/APP Version: 10
Frequency of Occurrence: 1
Rooted: No
APP Name:

I am using my Asus Max Pro M2 like normally using WhatsApp on my phone and then suddenly it restarts and now it stuck in bootloop and not going to recovery mode it only shows Asus logo now and only able to go in CSC fastboot mode I try to flash stock firmware to it but it shows that flashing is not allowed in lock state my phone is not rooted and not unlocked bootloader so please help me to get rid from this situation.

I got the same issue on my max pro m2 an hour ago, no signs of recovery mode. Its not even loading anything. I was just using my social apps like FB and Whatsapp, that's all.

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No my phone was not under warranty

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please bro explain how did u get replacement ?
which fota update are u on ??/
which city did u vusut service centre ??

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I am too experiencing the same issue. Last month it happened twice but eventually worked again. But this time it just stuck in a boot loop. Should I trash the phone or wait? I'm also worried about the contents in my phone.

@ivyt Happened same with me, they are asking for 7.8k for mobo replacement. Earlier it used to lag and sometimes it got auto-off while using apps. This time it never restarted. I am aware of how Bootloop looks, but this is not a bootloop, it's a hard bricked device. It feels so bad that without doing anything, we are facing this issue, that too while its not under warranty, why only after warranty?

this is bug creating company with every update they give many issues free every time the update appears on my phone im scared what will happen next. This time they took it to far THE PHONE IS STUCK ON ASUS LOGO FROM LAST 7 OR 8 DAYS the service centre says motherboard issue has to replace it. The consumer care says they cant do anything because my phone is out of warranty. i dont want a new phone just fix it. an if any one is reading please reply