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Release date of android 10 for max pro m1?

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 I think they will not give us android 10 so that we upgraded to new zenfone,but please asus this max pro m1 can follw the trend since one is almost unbreakable and very high quality phone,so update or so. . :(.

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Android 10 Beta for ZenFone Max Pro M1 is now available on the ASUS official site:
ZenFone Max Pro M1:
ASUS will monitor user feedback and provide an update in the future.
Please stay tuned with us on our website for the latest news.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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May be Sable version come at end of April

Hi, i want to know the truth, im not angry or disappointed, im just felt so sad to hear that this phone can't not be updgrade to at least android 11, but you this M1 max pro is such a very good and a promising phone anyway, back to the question is that true that my phone (max pro m1) will not be upgrade to android 10?

Zen Master I


May be Sable version come at end of April

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They are working on it for both the Max Pro M2 and Max Pro M1 but due to Lockdown, they have enforced work from home and due to lack of manpower, the release is getting delayed. It would be released by the end of April as per normal schedule (if lockdown was not imposed in different nations), but since the dev team is having less manpower, it would come by the Mid May only if situation (of corona) gets under control by the end of April (in Taiwan).