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Please add the Dolby feature for max pro M1 and m2

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Zen Master I

Asus should have done such things. 25 days is too much to ask for a budget device. Still, Asus being a big company could have deployed more resources for Android 10 development in Max pro series. Don't know why they are not taking software side seriously. Asus will surely loose a lot of customers as they purposefully created a red strike in the minds of many people. Thats the area in which Asus should focus more on.

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Asus was running the smartphone business at a loss until the asus zenfone 6(I don't know if it have started giving them profit). So they could not have diverted that much resources. They are clearly trying to give software update faster and bug free to devices which are popular world wide and for devices which launched after Asus zenfone 6(Asus zenfone 6, rog phone 2/3, Asus zenfone 5z, Asus zenfone 7). Four mid range devices were leaked , so I think they are just waiting for the software support to end for devices which launched before 2019 to launch the new devices. They are taking software support seriously for their devices which launched in 2019 or above. The max pro series was supposed to be a experiment for their zen ui design which got famous so they started to release new devices until their old ceo resigned.
The person who I would blame for the lack of update for mid range device and lack of new mid range device would be their new ceo. Their new ceo shifted their smartphone department focus from mid range and flagship to flagship only. Which worked in favour of asus because now their zenfone lineup is famous world wide and them giving faster android update for their flagship device made their brand image from giving slow update and terrible ui to giving fast update and a good ui. Now only they are going to release the four new mid range devices found in their unified kernel source because the zenfone lineup is now world wide famous, brand image about software support is good so now if they launch the phone world wide and make sure that it has good availablity, then they will sell a lot higher then their most sold devices.

Star II
Really !! They cannot even manage software and battery properly in these phones, they will include new features !! LOL !!

Rising Star II

Even they will not provide their own Audio Wizard to these devices because of stock Android (Asus Reason for us) 🤣.

But, they can give their own calculator, My Asus apps by default (Reason, their own app)

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Asus calculator app is not preloaded the calculator app is from google. You can say asus have there fm radio app

Zen Master I

Asus calculator app is not preloaded the calculator app is from google. You can say asus have there fm radio app

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Asus calculator app is the one which is preloaded and the fm radio app is not asus's. It is huaqin's app(which is the odm for Asus zenfone max pro m1 and M2 btw)

Star I
Don't tell anyone I gave you this