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Off emergency call press in power button (On Asus M1)

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Dear guys at Asus Tech Support, 
Based on the thread (link) below, it is pretty obvious that when multiple users are saying the Emergency call button gets activated by mistake on multiple occasions for the M1 and M2, then there must be a genuine problem.
As this thread above is closed, Is the problem solved ? 
I have two units of the M1 being used by myself, and even some M1's by family members ... everyone faces this Emergency call button erroneous problem including both my M1's.
The least Asus can do is a firmware fix installing a disable option in the developer window, how hard is that!!... ohh yes it is hard because ya'll are still to launch Android 10 upgrade for M1 users and your reply always is, to try the beta version. 
Honestly the M1 was/ still is an awesome phone but tech support has washed their hands off user issues ... which is sad, not done by such a big Tech company !! 
Do us a favor and fix the problem, I am sure many users would be obliged, or Ignore my opinions if the problem is fixed and do share the link for the fix. 
Thank you, 
best regards
Model Name: Asus Zenfone M1 Pro (Asus_X00TD)
Android Version: 9 (both phones) (standard)
Frequency of Occurrence: Very Regular


Rising Star II
Hi, the Panic/Emergency button option is made mandatory by the Govt of India. Please check the below article for more details. Click here: