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Max Pro M3

Star I
Dear Asus,
My Max Pro M1 broken, I want to buy a new phone and i don't want any Chinese mobile, i looking foreword Max Pro M3, What you say


Star III
I dont make mistakes agian. If u want awesome phone try nokia. They will give 3 year Android update with all features.

Star III
Go for Nokia mate. Unlike Asus max devices nokia provides native video calling, unlocked camera2api, bug free OS, far better build quality, better loudspeaker and most importantly they won't force you have some apps like instagram, Facebook, messenger, google music etc, super clean os and far less problematic than the shitphones asus produces.

Star II
in hindsight I would probably have bought a Google Pixel phone. Hope that asus fixes a new update that will solve all problems.
The advantage of google is that they also do Android and probably get updates first and that they fix the problems fairly quickly.
I got an Asus Max Pro M2 with 073 update.
1.Problems Heating problem Core 0-3 get really hot because of App Media Storage by disable it i can get the phone down to normal, now i can't save pictures or videos.
2.Phone will execute shutdown when waking up the phone from sleep.
However, I like that it is a clean environment and that it seems relatively fast but with these problems you have to look after another.

Zen Master III
Hi there, we understand your enthusiasm regarding future launches. We would request you to wait for an official announcement for the same. Stay tuned to our official channels for further updates.