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(M2) ZB630KL Should I trust Asus OTA update and update

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Model Name:zenfone Max pro(M2) ZB630KL
Firmware Version:now at after motherboard change PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.2005.092 20200518
Rooted or not:No
Frequency of Occurrence: Once.
Woke up with mobile stuck at Asus logo that was working perfectly fine till last night. (24 july2021)Searched on internet and then came across thousands having same issue and to make it worse my device was out of warranty. I was on latest update I think , not sure .Visited service centre and they told that it's known issue and motherboard will be changed without any extra cost. Asus was kind enough to return the device in a week in working condition . Now it is running on above build . And system is showing OTA update 16.2017.2010.101 available. Should I update or remain at whatever I have . Will phone get bricked again? Any risks ?


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Hi, if the phone is working fine without any issues you don't need to update. If any critical issues let us know.

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It's switching off few times in a day without any warning . This issue was not before . This is new issue that I am seeing after it returned from service centre. Hangs and switch off . But luckily when switched on again , works.
I can live with it if there is risk in updating it.

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Phone simply hangs and shuts down multiple times a day . Takes times to switch on by hard pressing power button for like a minute