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(M1) [ZB602KL Battery] Battery Drainage Even when Idle

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I have some interesting question here. So, usually before I go to sleep in the night, I TURN OFF my phone with my battery percentage in 90% (for example). But when I wake up & turn on my phone, my battery show 40%. My average daily battery consumption (when IDLE like that) is around 30-40%. How can that happen ??? Is anyone has some problem like me ?
This problem DOESN'T start on specific event (update system, etc), only 1 month lately. And I have contacted Asus Service Center. It doesn't work (calibrate your battery, uninstall unimportant apps, etc), so please don't give me only link to FAQ or others like that. I have tried that.

Thanks before, all.

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Hello, anybody here (especially administrator or official person from Asus) ? Lol

Hello John_Chris01,
Based on your description, if you have followed all the steps to troubleshoot the battery issue, such as updating firmware, and it still exists, it may be caused by battery degradation, and it is recommended that you visit the ASUS Repair Center to have your device checked.
Please refer to the following link for further assistance.

Call Us | Official Support | ASUS Global
Thank you.

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