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HELP PLEASE! Can I back-up my data from a phone I'm locked out of before doing a factory-reset?

Star II
Hello, I own a ASUS Max Pro M1 (X00TD)
Is there a way, maybe using my Google account to back my data up before I do a factory-reset?
I don't want to lose my data, so can I do something before I do a factory-reset?
I changed my password a couple days ago, can;t remember it now. Tried unlocking a lot of times, the phone won't consider the fingerprint.
What can I do?

Zen Master III
Hi there, kindly try and recover your Google account using a different device - Laptop/Mobile. If Google account cannot be accessed then it's a challenge. Kindly share with us a screenshot on which screen your device is stuck on, so that we can help you further.

Star II
I can access my Google account. Can I perhaps do something now?

Attached is a screenshot of what happens:

Star II
Just did a factory reset. No backups.
Should I root my phone and use a recovery tool to recover data now?