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##Before you post a new thread##

Community Legend II
Hi ASUS family
Welcome to Zentalk ZenFone Max Pro Series - English Community! For a better communication atmosphere for everyone, before you post a new thread, kindly refer to the points below
1. Choose the Community in preference to your language and country
>Mandarin users
ZenFone Max Pro系列>Français users
ZenFone Max Pro Series>Italiano users
Serie ZenFone Max Pro>Português users
Série ZenFone Max Pro
Tap the "EN" button at the top for another way to find more friends!

2. Name the title of your thread more accurately! This small act is not only helping you to get the help you need from others more quickly, but also helps other Zenfone Max Pro members find the post once they face a similar situation.
Adding your model and firmware version in the title is a crucial tip 🧐, for example..
Zenfone Max Pro M1>>>
(M1) [ZB601KL or ZB602KL Firmware] Facebook stopped working after ...
Zenfone Max Pro M2>>>
(M2) [ZB630KL or ZB631KL Firmware] Facebook stopped working after ...

3. Avoid opening a new thread that might overlap with others, so that the mods and users could focus on the issue, rather than spending time trying to find the issue. Search before you post!
#How to tell if my question is same as what another user has asked?
a. Same device model?
b. Same firmware?
Check your current firmware version by: Settings>System>About Phone>Build Number

4. To avoid any personal information leaking, please do not share your SN or IMEI in public. Quite dangerous!

5. For more information, please check on Newbie guide and commence your ZenTalk journey :airplane::cloud:
(to be continued)

I am using max pro M1 atleast 2 years but it's not support vodafone voLTE, please asus fix this problem.

Star II
I m a Maxpro m1 user, Updated beta 3 version,
429 build number.
1.Battery drainage
3.Pro Evolution Soccer 2020(PES2020) not getting full screen.
4.Charging issues
5.Network issues
Above images are of PES2020 not getting full screen.

Community Legend II
Hi I m soumen bera and pooskurinaresh587
Please refer to what I mentioned above that this thread is for FORUM GUIDE not ISSUE DISCUSSION. From now on, any reply that does not related to this topic in this thread will be deleted for focusing on the topic. Sorry. 😃😃😃

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Here is forum guide for the newbies, why ppl keep asking their issue here... stop doing this and just leave some forum guide suggestions guys

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Hi Admin!
How to report scam or misleading threads? Sometimes they post third-party link to get their website monetized. This is so annoying!