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Update lagi?

ZF Model: RAM: Firmware/APP Version: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: APP Name: Screenshot: Udah ada yang cobain?

battery charging often stops

ZF Model: ZB631KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: 16.2017.1908.070Frequency of Occurrence: when charging the batteryRooted: NoAPP Name: Zenfone max pro M2why is the battery charging stopped at 68%, even though the LED indicator still shows the charging p...

why does battery charging stop at 68%

often happens, when charging the battery and at the position of 68% will be stopped , LED indicator flashes red and green, showing the battery is charged even though it is not 100% full. Is this a bug or a system malfunction?

Accuracy of Google map.

ZF Model: ZE554KLRAM: 3GFirmware/APP Version: Google map 10.27 2Frequency of Occurrence: Every timeRooted: NoAPP Name: Google mapGoogle map doesn't show my location accurately. It is showing more or less like 1000 m from my actual location. So pleas...

Bad quality/low volume on Bluetooth headphones

ZF Model: ZB602KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 059Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: Bluetooth aptxHi, I recently updated to the 059 firmware and noticed that Bluetooth sound quality significantly decreases as well as max volume is to...

Typo typo dan gak bisa diupdate firmware

ZF Model: ZB601KLRAM: 3GFirmware/APP Version: .331Frequency of Occurrence: SelaluRooted: NoAPP Name: SettingScreenshot: https://us.v-cdn.net/6031231/uploads/ww_attachments/201910/26/093500zz4hxehm8x04006m.pngKenapa perusahaan sekelas asus bisa melaku...

Help my earphones

ZF Model: ZE554KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: New versionFrequency of Occurrence: New versionRooted: NoAPP Name: Why the sound if I use headphones the sound very very small but if I don't use headphones sound is normal what wrong with my phone plz he...

Bug Report Also Request a Feature

APP Name: Rooted: NoZF Model: ZE554KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 071Frequency of Occurrence: FrequentI have a bugs to report with this phone, here the list : 1. Battery issue inconsistency, sometimes the battery have a good life sometimes battery dr...

Batere drain

Firmware/APP Version: RAM: ZF Model: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: APP Name: Screenshot: Even after last update 071, batere draining still exist on my max pro m2. I dont know why asus team can not solve this batere drain issue. My 5000mah max pro ...

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