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Asus Fraud Company !

Rising Star II
I Don't know why company first promise to provide Android 10 update and Know They are ignoring customer regards their wrost service.
AZMPM1 And AZMPM2 Both Device Are In Beta From 1 year till asus Not Capable To Provide Stable Android 10

If You Are Not Capable Then Tell To Us. That "We Are Not Capable" So We Start Using Custom Rom .

Even Not A single Stable Android Update You Provided. Each Update Have Bugs Now In .087 Airtel , Enhance Volte Mod Not Available.


Zen Master III
I can't argue with you about updates, they can be slow but they always get there eventually.

Regarding the quality of the phones is a different matter though I recently gave my old ZenFone 5 z to my daughter,I purchased it new as soon as they came out and it has never missed a beat. I also had a rog 3 that I sold to a workmate in order to buy this zenfone 7. I know that the rog 3 and the zenfone 7 are still pretty new but they are both very stable phones.( My particular ones that is)
If it's regular updates you want the pixels seem to get updates on the 5 th of every month ( at least that has been my experience) but The phone itself is cheap and nasty,my pixel 5 would overheat every time I charged it and it would stop charging until it cooled down then start charging again. The Bluetooth connection would partially disconnect from my vans multi media uniit constantly. And you can't Miracast on them.
No matter what phone you buy there is always going to be something about it that doesn't meet muster,I think we all just need to work out what cons we can put up with and ,so far, with Asus phones the only problem I've had is slow updates but I can live with that

Zen Master III

Asus Say something man why??

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This is just a stab in the dark but Asus may be having the same problem the rest of the world is having due to covid19. Every other company seems to be working on a greatly reduced staff and parts man don't get me started on the availability of parts

Star I
The official software from ASUS for the MaxPro M1 has been extremely buggy since the beginning and even the various updates were the same. I recently installed CORVUS ROM and now I am finally happy with the phone. Wondering how CORVUS is able to produce software that works and a big company like ASUS can't.
Sanjeev P

Rising Star II
Asus Go To Hell I Don't Know Why Only You Take That Much Time For Stable Update Compare To You Other Developer's Start Providing Stable Android 11 To This Device As A Custom Rom

Star II
Max pro m1 throw in update since September 2020 such incapable software development Engineers . android 9 still not updated.Dont buy asus phones