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android 9 software bugs

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I have Android 9 software. The device does not call numbers, such as 155 police and 156 gendarmes in Turkey. ARMA 112 emergency ambulance service is directed. Although it is written in the manual, the sim card is not activated in people. Due to these errors, the product falls into defective couscous. We expect an immediate software fix update. Asus Turkey can not help it.

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Hi cengizhankirit What's your phone’s firmware version (Settings > About > Software information > Build number) Does this issue only happen to specific calls? How about regular phone calls? If possible please try to use other different sim card for a check.

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Hello Selana Version 16.2017.1905.053 is installed. When I call emergency numbers such as 155 police, 156 gendarmerie, 177 forest fire alarms with emergency numbers on the device, I live. these numbers are not connected to the 112 emergency call center in Turkey. each one is sought separately, but they are all united as abroad. An error appears in the published software. The same line does not make this error on another device. The same problem occurs when you connect another line to this device. You can also save it to the sim card in the user manual writes. Sim card account is added to the sim card during the recording option does not register. Software update urgently required, official police and emergency lines can not call through this device.gently required, official police and emergency lines can not call through this device.