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Android 10 438 Version Bugs

Rising Star II
1. Brightness issue specially in outdoor when I'm keep brightness at 30% to 20% or 40% so display show yellow and not visible but I'm clear one thing team I'm not using blue light filter so don't comments that sir you using blue light filter so this problem appear...😏
2. Headphone :headphone: quality poor not like pie version still please improve it.
3. Speaker quality is good but ear piece quality not good like pie version please improve.
4. And still during whatsapp call when I'm using :speaker_high_volume: call on speakers so voice is crack and too much irritating please see and improve.
5. Ram management issue at android 10 438 version every time app is reload in background at 3 GB Ram model device fix this issue please.
# Overall version is good and stable but please consider above issue and slove them as soon as possible.
Keep it up Asus i know you definitely do something to improve these problems.
And one suggestion from my side please if your team face trouble during fixing bugs so please hire new development team in your company please because you know your team work last from 1 year your team facing too much trouble to fixing these bugs..
😊 Thanks!

Rising Star II

Oh I see, I don't know why i see a major difference.

In pie (087), if you listen to a bass boosted song via wired headphones, my headphones literally used to vibrate. No equaliser needed.

In A 10 (438), there is no bass at all. As the volume increases, only the high notes increase. Even if we try to increase the bass via equaliser, the overall sound output decreases. It doesn't go beyond 60%.

This is very weird. Seems like the amplifier is working only for the high and mids!

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Asus know only that how to ruin the device with softwares.
They don't know how to fix.

Rising Star II
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