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ZenUI launcher Widget scale issue for Android 14 beta.

Star III

Hi there community, 

I understand the beta supposed to be private, but I can not reappear this issue by using the log tool. It goes away when I resize and reapply the widget.

  • Model name: ASUS_AI2202
  • Firmware Version: WW_34.0304.2004.42
  • Rooted or not: No
  • Frequency of Occurrence: once, after updated. 
  • APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Google, Google clock.

Star III

This issue is appeared when I changing the font style after the update. I when I changed it back to the previous one, it comes a bit misalignment, but once I changed the widget size, it does not reappear again. 

Star III

Here is some of my thoughts after a day of this update.

  • Overall feels like Android 13QPR3 beta with Android 14 framework. (I know these are the same thing)
  • Updated system applications feels more refined but I need more time to get used to it.
  • No clock style can be changed for the lock screen, only colours.
  • Point screen magnifying widget outline is too thick, doesn't like the image of this phone. 
  • Overall font and size feels slightly different. Android 14 somehow feels a bit bolt and small compared to last  version of Android 13. I am sure I can get used to it later. 
  • Yes, font style again, 2 out of 6 feel too "unique", some minor padding can be applied and I guess it probably just got clone from the ZenFone 10 Android 14 preview package. So not expecting it will be fixed in the next patches. 

Last, looking forward to see zenfone 11 ultimate with the reworked camera photo algorithm.