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Zenfone: stop programmed obsolescence!

Star I

Now that Samsung and Google have officially announced long term support for their latest phone series (7 Android major updates!), I'd like to encourage Asus to do the same for the fantastic Zenfone series.

Otherwise, I won't hesitate to switch back to Samsung once my Zenfone 9 doesn't get anymore security updates and Android upgrades. The price difference will be worthwhile.

Please stop programmed obsolescence and do something for preserving and maximizing such rare and valuable resources.

Thank you for your consideration. ❤️


Rising Star I

I'm afraid Asus won't follow up on this proposal with long support. Asus can make great products on the hardware side with the initial well-set software. But he has never had long software support for any product, and certainly not a high-quality one. See the latest updates on the ZenFone 9 which are full of bugs and two months since the last update was released, nothing is happening unfortunately. But it's a huge shame that Asus has bad product support, when their products aren't bad, but they're not cheap enough to have bad support. I think that if something doesn't change with them, my next phone will be another brand.

I agree all. Very good phone but very bad software. Camera very bad work. Communication very data not work. Phone is not work stabil. Now I could not use my ZenFone 9.  Nobody can call me and I couldn't call somebody. Very bad . I wait new update. When they will prepare  new update?


Hard to predict, someone from Asus should comment on that. The last update came out two months ago and unfortunately it has a lot of bugs. No fix since then. I think the whole thing was made more difficult by the earthquake in Taiwan, where Asus is based. But it launches new products, so otherwise I don't know where the problem could be.