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ZenFone 9 Question: How's the experience for a leftie?

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I've been thinking about getting this phone, for a lot of reasons, espectially it being compact. The side mounted fingerprint reader seemed like a good idea, until I remembered, I'm Left-Handed. Most phones are designed for Righties, but have been kinda inconsequential with software covering for the gap, flipping the buttons or left handed modes. Outside buttons are geared towards righties as well, but are still within reach. So my question still stands, how is using that fingerprint sensor, swipe, and double click button with your fingers instead of your thumb.


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I am a right hand user. But I also hold my Zenfone 9 with my left hand. With the left index finger it is very practical to unlock it and to swipe or to click it. For most of the time to swipe I use index finger