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Zenfone 9 OS question

Star I

Hi there, I'm thinking of getting my hands on a Zenfone 9 but I'd like to know if it has either Split Screen and/or floating windows?

My current phone is really old and I'm a heavy user of multiple apps at the same time (e.g. using discord with Twitch and Youtube running at the same time), but since I can't try out the system myself since I doubt the device will ever hit a shelf, I'd like to know from actual users if these perks exist, or similar ones.

Thanks in advance!


Rising Star I

I don't think it's a phone thing but more an OS thing. I'm on Android 13 and can both have split screen and floating windows. There is a setting under the developer options that's something like "force activities to be resizable" and allow "enable freeform windows" and even "enable non-resizable apps to be in multi-window".

So yeah you should have at least those options under A12 or A13.