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Zenfone 9 navigation buttons

Rising Star I

I Just received my ZenFone 9 and I always set my Android navigation to "classic" mode. So the three buttons instead of the gestures.
The only problem is I often have to tap the home button 3-5 times now before it's activated. Do more users have this issue or could this be a hardware defect?

Edit: I already figured it out with help of some developer options, it looks like the touch screen is working just fine but the touch area for all 3 navigation buttons is way too small. I have made a screen recording to show the problem.


Star I
Just bought a zenfone 9 today and this issue with navigation bar button being unresponsive or to small ir really ruining the experience.

Star III

I have also been having this issue. It appears the touch area for the navigation buttons doesn't cover about the top third of the actual buttons.

Fr now I have been pressing the very bottom of the screen rather than the middle of each button, otherwise the buttons don't always register a touch.

Interestingly the 'touch animation' always seems to trigger correctly, just not the actual action of the buttons.

Star III

I have an issue with the "back" button. Often I have to press on it multiple times before it works. It's strange, as the haptic feedback does indicate that I am pressing the button, but the phone does not react to it. It'll usually take between 2-5 presses before reaction.

I'm running 33.0804.2060.73 firmware, 16/256 configuration.