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Zenfone 9 mobile data upload speed = 0

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Hi I just bought a zenfone 9 2 days ago and I haven't really had any issues with it until last night when our WiFi went down and tried to hotspot my mobile data to my PC. But when trying to upload a work file to my drive I noticed that my upload speeds are low. So I tried a bunch of speedtests and confirmed that my download speeds are okay (100mbps avrg) and my upload speed is 0.02 avrg. I also tried the speedtest on my phone (without the hotspot) and the problem persists. I am up to date on system updates.



Hey @Lino_Amascual,

I'm not able to recreate this issue. However, can you please clarify the following?

  • What sort of file were you trying to upload?
  • Have you enabled data saver?
  • Have you set any limits to your data plan?

Also, can you please share a screenshot of the app's mobile data and WiFi usage? (Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Data Usage> Drive)

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Community Manager
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