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Zenfone 9 issues - consolidated list of all issues

Rising Star II

Hi Everyone, I have been using Zenfone 9 for quite a while. These issues are listed after using software version WW/EU_33.0804.2060.189. I request all of Zenfone 9 fans and users to keep putting your valid issues here so that Asus will take a note of it. As zenfone 9 is a niche phone, if we won't raise a voice here, then Asus might not pay attention to it.

1. GPS: GPS taken 5-6 seconds every time to fetch my location and this is across all the apps. On google maps too, it takes time to detect location after I turn on GPS. Also, during using navigation when I am walking on foot, the direction of the arrow is incorrect. It is incorrect by 30 degrees or so. I hope Asus fixes this perfectly with a software update. 

2. Voice after making a call: On incoming or outgoing normal call, for the 1st 2-3 seconds, the other person can't hear our voice at all. We have to wait 2-3 seconds and then speak 90-95% of times. This is the most annoying and critical bug.

3. Wi-Fi icon on status bar: When Wi-Fi is already on and you swipe down notification panel only once, the Wi-Fi icon is not filled with the color of the notification menu. If my notification color is blue then the icon should be in white with the circle colored in blue.

4. Notifications delay: How can a phone with snapdragon 8+ gen 1 and 8 gb of RAM cannot send notifications as soon as they come? For many apps, the notifications are delayed, viz WhatsApp, Instagram, SMSes and so more. Asus, please fix this or just remove notification option completely because what's the use of delayed notifications?

5. Camera: Turn on HDR and you are a tomato coloured different person altogether. Overprocessing in zenfone 9 camera is so aggressive and inconsistent that the app feels useless sometimes. Selfie camera is good though. @asus, you sell this phone with gimbal as the main feature and can't even make sure Camera is the best thing that this phone must have? Please fix it.

I request moderators and Asus developers, if any, on this website to take a note of these and fix those on priority before software support for this phone expires.

@all Zenfone 9ers: Please copy and paste your issues here even if you have posted them before or mention the new ones here. So that all these issues get highlighted at one single place.

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After having latest upgrade on my Zenfone 9 my phone started to get less coverage. I cross checked with my old phone. It gets service properly (both mobile and internet) my Zenfone gets only mobile coverage from time to time but no internet at all. Sometimes it acts like it has edge but still from the exact spot with using my 4 years old old phone i can get LTE internet coverage. 

I tried SIM Signal test, it is good. I checked every setting including Enabling 2g but it did not get fixed.

I am located in Poland and using T-Mobile as provider. I am seriously considering selling phone and buy something reliable even i do not want to.

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this is a good thread, like the one before it.

i will list the steps to reproduce the gallery/camera bug:

1. open the camera app, take a picture

2. open the gallery via the small preview icon next to the shutter button

3. delete the photo you have just taken

4. the photo is deleted forever, skipping the "permanently delete?" checkbox found in the gallery app

some other mildly annoying issues:

1. this seems to be the same issue that you have listed at number 3: using the asus quick settings layout (small circular toggles), the wifi toggle sometimes get stuck in the "disabled" state, despite wifi being enabled and connected

2. the desktop clock widget randomly switches between 12- and 24-hour layout

3. the stock launcher icon labels use the outdated "roboto condensed" font, making icon labels very illegible

4. if the google app is uninstalled, the voice input icon in the app drawer's search field is shown anyway

Great list

Rising Star I

After the update, screen on time isn't available at all. It goes to "others" like the old bug if you did a restart but now, no restart needed.  Maybe that was the fix? ‌🤣