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Zenfone 9 Battery Drain by "Others"

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I have just bought a Zenfone 9 last week and I am having bad battery life. The SOT is roughly 3 to 4 hours. I can see most of the battery is consuming by "Others".
Is it normal?
Model Name: Zenfone 9
Firmware Version: 32.2050.2050.34
I am really disappointed with the battery performance so far.

Thank you


You can enable the log and let the battery drain for a bit before stopping the logging tool.


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I've got the same issue, too...

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@Mansi_ASUS I was able to identify at least one cause of this "others" drain, can you pass this to the team?


Here's 18% drain, and looking to the logcat log I can see the following:

01-07 23:39:55.220 0 0 I KERNEL : [1407163.155056][T18279] [K][KTOP]CPU Usage PID Name Delta(463365599938 ns)
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 I KERNEL : [1403599.634619][T17957] [K][KTOP] 3.1% 1897 vendor.qti.came 14411421179
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 I KERNEL : [1403599.634648][T17957] [K][KTOP] 0.3% 10418 ndroid.systemui 1838454612
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 I KERNEL : [1403599.634666][T17957] [K][KTOP] 0.2% 10160 system_server 1053105500
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 I KERNEL : [1403599.634677][T17957] [K][KTOP] 0.1% 17582 kworker/u16:5 721029855
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 I KERNEL : [1403599.634688][T17957] [K][KTOP] 0.1% 16469 kworker/u16:3 695351342
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 I KERNEL : [1403599.634698][T17957] [K][KTOP] 0.1% 18369 kworker/u16:1 553801436
01-07 22:40:31.700 0 0 W KERNEL : [1403599.634768][T17957] [K][KTOP] asus Kernel Top Statistic done

So, it's a process eating CPU, which I confirmed with the 'top' observations:

1897 cameraserver 20 0 15G 4.0M 4.0M S 23.3 0.0 862:40.01
10418 u0_a50 20 0 18G 228M 119M S 7.3 3.1 112:20.00
10160 system 18 -2 22G 449M 301M S 7.3 6.1 227:37.74 system_server
22351 shell 20 0 12G 5.5M 3.6M R 2.3 0.0 0:00.19 top is at constant ~25% cpu, I've waited for some time to ensure that it's not a fluke/spike. Device was with screen off and of course camera is off. I don't use camera much, so was able to catch this only once. Hope it helps.


PS: I've posted the same reply yesterday, but can't see it on the forums 😞

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@Mansi_ASUS, I was able to pinpoint at least one "others" drain cause - here're my battery stats with 18% "others" drain:

Now I look into 'adb shell logcat' log and see the following:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 13.20.10.png

So, it's a process eating CPU, which I confirmed with the 'adb shell top' observations:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 13.19.03.png

As you see, camera.provider is at constant ~25% load, with the total time exceeding systemui/system_server. I've waited for some time - and this isn't a fluke/spike. The phone is with a screen off and camera hasn't been used for some time.

I don't use camera a lot, so caught this but just once. Hope this helps.

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I can see constant high CPU usage (~30%) by android.system.suspend@1.0-service. Other processes thermal-engine-v2 and system_server are also using a few percent of CPU all the time.

ADB is connected over WiFi, phone is not connected to USB/charger, screen is off.