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WiFi Calling fails on ZenFone 9

ZenFone 9, Android 13, Build WW_33.0804.2060.113 unmolested ie, unrooted.

By dialling *#*#3642623344#*#* I do not get wifi calling. I enable it in settings, and am connected to a valid wifi network, but when I attempt to make a call, I get the advice to connect to a wifi network. Have I wasted a lot of money buying a lemon? This is very poor form. My other phone, a 2017 Samsung A5, running Android 8 works fine 😞


Zen Master I

A lemon? ¬¬

First you should search this forum about this problem and not open another new recurring thread, especially since it is clarified and resolved already.

If you're trying to make a call over WiFi at the time you took the screenshot, you don't see the WiFi calling icon. Therefore you do not have the service active, for whatever reason.






hey mate,


am i reading this correctly, this is activated on 1 sim network, but not the other, running 2 sims obviously.