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Widget lag/disconnected in Zenfone 9

Star II

I don't really use widget on my phone, but I keep it for something that I needed. It just google search bar, e-wallet (local to my country), and widget app for games that I play (Genshin community to view status, check in, etc). For google, when I click the search bar or Google Lens bar, it often provide me with loading, it happened for 5 to 10 seconds. For e-wallet and game widget both often blank on the widget with 'refresh' button. For google when it keep loading, I delete the widget and re-add the widget, and it can runs normally, but the case is, the loading screen keeps coming back now and then.

Is there anyone that encounter the same problem as me and already found how to fix it?



Hey @Rad27,
Can you please share a screenshot of the widgets?

Community Manager
Community Manager
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