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Unlock Tools Timesheet

Star I

I think asus needs to give the timesheet/timeline of their unlock tools, since ALMOST all of the forum and communities asking all of this question, and heck i purchased this devices because the build quality specs and the capabilities of the android "we have freedom of our devices" asus one of the companies that still has it, unlike with some "b*k group" companies who restrict their devices to be customized, for the warranty services i dont mind for it if i as an customer didnt have that warranty services if i unlocked the bootloader of my devices.  

if the policies change and we can't unlock the bootloader of all the devices at least give us  3 years of os update. especially on your premium products. 

and please for the unlock tools if y'all answer is "we will released the unlock apps on q3" please ask on developer side what is the timeline/timesheet this progress has? give us the deadline, i know you are just some people from marketing and customer service, but if you gave deeper infomation to the customer, Asus brand will have good reputation. just support your customer as your community.