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Should I go back to the Zenfone 9

Star I

I went from Zenfone 9 to s23. No real complaints. I originally planned on getting the Zenfone 10 but given that it's not much of an upgrade, I wonder if I should go back the Z9. What major updates have there been in the last 6 months OTA wise? Has the camera gotten any better for example? Do people use gcam still? And if so, at what tradeoff?


Rising Star II

Camera's essentially the same, with small improvements at best: pictures are still overly bright and oversharpened. If you can live with that, I think it's pretty good, though certainly not S23- (if you can stand the unnaturally punchy colors) or Pixel-good. 

I am ambivalent about Gcams in general, though I have found one that works mostly well on ZF9. In fact, I would say its detail-noise balance is among the best I have seen in many years on any smartphone (because of the fixation on sharpening that all major manufacturers have nowadays, though Asus is rather extreme in my view).   

I have posted some comparisons at the end of the thread here:



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Man don't come back.! No camera improvement at all and the Z9 just have one more Android/Security Update left. Also the last update that we received was almost 2 months ago ( 6/01/23).  If I was you I will wait for the S24 or the Z11. 

Star III

No matter what, I would say that please stay with S23!!!!