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Unlock method changes after notification

Star II

I have my device set to fingerprint unlock on press only (not touch). Since the latest .88 update, after receiving a notification it changes to touch. Once it has been unlocked it then reverts back to press only until the next notification and then it becomes touch again. 



Hey @thefightback,

Does this issue generally occur when you are unlocking in bright screen mode (e.g. Lock screen/new notifications/screensaver..etc)?
The "Press only" mode can be used for unlocking the phone only while the screen is dark. In the case of a bright screen, it can be opened by touch.

It occurs after notification pop ups have gone away. So phone is locked with screen off, notification (eg new email) pops up on screen and goes away after a second or two as usual, screen turns off again but now the unlock works with touch when it should be press as the screen is off.  Only started happening after the .88 update. 

Hey @thefightback,

I've forwarded the issue to the R&D and I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from the team.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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