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Software Issues

Star II

I wanted to start a more general topic to include general software issues people might encounter while using the Zenfone9.

I'll start with my own experience:

So I've just upgraded to a Zenfone9 from my long term daily Samsung S10E and in 3 years with my S10E I barely encountered any issues. However, in my first week with the Zenfone9 I've already encountered several issues.

The biggest one is freeze-ups. If I leave YouTube open with the screen on while paused to do something else, the phone will freeze up every single time. I have restarted the phone and tested again to no avail. These Freezes are not unique to the YouTube app, I have had about 12 freezes in the week I've owned the phone over various apps, this usually results in having to spam the home gesture until the pone decides to respond. I'm guessing this is a software issue given that the hardware is ridiculously powerful and should not be prone to any performance issues.

To clarify: I don't have more than 8 apps running at any given time, and I don't game on my phone and haven't experienced any heat-ups, so I don't think the hardware is under any strain.

My Second Software Issue involves the camera. Pictures are over sharpened, over processed and chunky. This can be circumvented to an extent by turning the HDR completely off, but then you have the obvious issue of not being able to use HDR at all for fear of over-processing.

ASUS, please try to address these issues quickly to avoid ruining the experience on this great phone.


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Community Manager
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