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RAW photos

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Hi. Is it planned for an update for the camera app in the future to support raw images? It's a bit strange when you have this phone that is so camera / photo focused without the raw option that almost every low to high-end android phones has now days.

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Where did you find the setting?

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Change to pro photo mode, then go to global settings from there. In the list where you change aspect ratio you will suddenly see a new

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It's not something OP will ever admit too because hes in denial and ingorant. As you try to explain here, all raw really is is processed image information from the camera instead of a generated image file. You can do all sorts of things, be it lowering the MP, using binning, hell even resolution. In the end all raw is is just image data from the lens, much like jpeg is just image data from the lens which is being compressed to jpeg afterwards.

I about had it with your denial and ignorance. I only skimped through your first source simply because its a random blog post made by some random guy, it holds as much value as a post from you which means, none. However it contradicts itself because it describes how the pixel binning works on a hardware level. Your other blog post is as worthless as the first one, while the forbes post describes exacly what I'm trying to get through your thick skull, altho it simplifies the process a lot and doesnt mention that it works much like HDR bracketing, hence there are limits to exposure otherwise if your theory would be right, you would be able to get all information back from a drasticly overexposed image because the sensor is totally capable of capturing both the sky and the ground with ful detail but doesnt have the range to do both at the same time with the same exposure.

Now since you have clearly demonstrated your immunity to logic and refusal to listen to someone who knows what the fk he's talking about while insiting on blog posts by random people who know equally little like you let me make this so clear, that even a monkey would understand.
Now explain to me how exacly is this possible if what you are saying is true. Explain to me how I am able to utilize pixel binning and even using 16:9 and still generate raw files with the same sensor. You have the sensor data in the raw files themselves so you know they are shot with the same sensor.
At this point it should be clear you don't have a lick of an idea what you're talking about. Stop pretending like you know anything because it has been clearly proven that you don't have any clue. If I catch you posting nonsense like this in another topic, I'll link to this response showing people who are reading your nonsense post who they are "talking" to. I don't like it when people who are in denial think they know what they're talking about while they know nothing.

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Actually I found it. But what is the point of hiding that setting in the MAIN SETTINGS, but only when accessing from pro mode? Why not leave it at a global level?. Another thing is that it should be possible to use regular photomode with RAW.

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Uh, curious to see a comparison of 3 photos with highlights and lowlights, Normal, RAW and retouched RAW.
On a smartphone I have never seen a retouched raw image better than the jpeg processing of the device and even if at best we manage to have the equivalent of jpeg, what is the point of doing raw and spending time processing bad 10-bit files that must approach 60MB on a smartphone without an SD card?
If I have time to spare, I'll see if I have a way to do RAW on the ROG 5 and jpeg then do the same photo with my 90D in different formats and process the raw, the difference should happen comments.
In all honesty, a photographer who wants RAW on a smartphone is using the wrong equipment or thinks he is already in the distant future.

Dear users.
I would highly appreciate if you could stop attacking each other since it's again the forum rules and I ask you kindly to please follow them.
The solution to find the RAW mode is as following.
Change the Camera Mode into PRO Mode.
Select the Camera Resolution option and all the way down you can find RAW + JPG.
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