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Quick settings and notifications bug

Star III
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Zenfone 9 16/256GB
Firmware Version: WW_32.2040.2040.23
Rooted or not: not rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: always
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): quick settings menu and notification
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
The quick settings menu doesn't appear until double down swipe, and the vertical sensibility of touch screen toggles the wrong buttons depending if you touch above the icons or below.
Also it would be very helpful we could dismiss the notifications panel with a side swipe and not only swipe up.

Please take a look at the video.
Thank you.


Hey, this issue will be addressed in the next update.