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Not satisfied with hidden gesture bar

Star I

After updating to 33.0804.2060.113, I was happy to see that it is possible to hide the gesture bar now. But after using it for a minute, I needed to turn it off again because the one hand mode is not working and switching apps is hard to do.

I would like an option to just hide the bar and background, not compromising system navigation.

There seem to be people that are very content with the option to remove these functions all together, so it's best to give multiple options to deal with this.

Thank you for reading


Rising Star II

Agreed, same here. I use Nova as a launcher (in case this matters).

Rising Star I

I agree. After reading the description, I realise hiding the bar is not just hiding the bar but disabling the ability to quickly switch between apps. Hope they can just hide it but retain the ability to quickly switch between apps. 

Star II

you can do it, but with caution

I guess you are not swiping horizontally but swiping upwards then left/right?