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Netflix error to play in L1

Star I

Play netflix in L1 give you account log out , but in L3 this phone running properly


Rising Star II

Are you running the latest new firmware released last week.? I've noticed they have fixed the issue with netflix. 


Hey @Renaldi1,
Have you updated the FW? If you have, then maybe try to re-install Netflix, it should help resolve the issue.

I have exatcly the same problem. Re-install of Netflix or wiping app data helps only to set L1. After playing any movie Netflix is automaticly loging me out and after another log-in L3 shows up and it works only with SD quality. I assume that this problem is very well known in Asus but no solution so far. I bought this phone 2 days ago and hopefully it's still possible to return it. I wanted to give a try to Asus phones but what I can see that it's not worth it. Support is very poor