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I want a clear explanation of the policy for supporting phones with unlocked bootloaders.

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There is a deeply suspicious lack of updates on the "BIOS & FIRMWARE" page. It's been a little over 6 months so far with zero updates. This effectively means that phones with unlocked bootloaders can no longer be updated. The few posts that come close acknowledging this give you the side eye and order you to relock the bootloader and use the OTA updates. This is garbage. ASUS has effectively bricked my phone if they suddenly refuse to provide updates due to unlocked bootloaders.

What is happening? I need to know if ASUS can be trusted.


Would be amazing to actually get an clear answer to my question. If relocking the bootloader enables OTA again, ill gladly do it since they suck at actually supporting unlocked devices.

Yes, would like an official statement on what solutions ASUS will provide for unlocked bootloaders. If the answer is "none", would also like a dedicated post with the instructions and tools for restoring phones to a locked bootloader with factory settings.

The silence so far is damning.

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If ASUS releases the unlock tool by the end of the year, there will be no other 3rd party up-to-date ROM that can be used. Paranoid ROM doesn't update anymore. 

Even though rooting this phone won't make much difference. Some of the plugins are no longer supported by the authors. Just simply get a new phone by the beginning of 2025 then. 

Zenfone's community software support is nowhere near Xiaomi or Pixel. 

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@george_kant wrote:

Last official statement ‎(10-11-2023)
Currently, the unlock tool is undergoing a major revision. To ensure that this revision complies wit...

That only addresses the tool, though, not the lack of updates provided to actually use along with it