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I want a clear explanation of the policy for supporting phones with unlocked bootloaders.

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There is a deeply suspicious lack of updates on the "BIOS & FIRMWARE" page. It's been a little over 6 months so far with zero updates. This effectively means that phones with unlocked bootloaders can no longer be updated. The few posts that come close acknowledging this give you the side eye and order you to relock the bootloader and use the OTA updates. This is garbage. ASUS has effectively bricked my phone if they suddenly refuse to provide updates due to unlocked bootloaders.

What is happening? I need to know if ASUS can be trusted.


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Below is the response from technical support regarding the firmware.

"in the summer of 2023, the Asus service policy changed, according to these changes, only one firmware version will be posted on the support site, as stated, the latest:

"Updating the firmware release policy for smartphones.

Only the latest firmware versions are now available on the official support site.


In order to increase data security, only the latest firmware versions of the main models (Zenfone 5/ ROG phone (1st generation) or later models) will be stored on the official support website, the remaining versions will be deleted from the website."

Based on their response, it can be understood that Asus is no longer going to support developers and devices with an unlocked bootloader, providing only OTA, under the conditions of installation of which the previous firmware will be.

"Only the latest firmware versions are now available on the official support site"


But this isn't even true. Because the latest firmware isn't from June, but that's what is available. Asus has just left us out to dry

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Would anyone happen to know if OTA would be enabled again if i lock my phones bootloader? Or is it like a non-reversable switch when you unlock the bootloader? If so im seriously going to demand my money back. They cant just come in half a year after i unlocked my bootloader and say "not allowed anymore" and basically leave me with an basically bricked phone.

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@Laura_ASUS Please respond to this topic as soon as possible with official statement from your supervisors.