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How well does Android run on Zenfone 9 run in 2023?

Star I

Looking to buy ths phone as its got the compact size I love and maintains most of the features I like. I'm just curious how well stock android runs on it and if its stable and bug free.


Rising Star II

It's very stable. The only problem I got is with the Asus Transfer Data that is not transferring to my S23.  I use the Galaxy Buds and they connect with no problems, WiFi connection is good and 5G signal is good too. Just in case I got T-Mobile as a carrier. 

Zen Master I

Highly recommended and satisfactory after one year.

My main advice is to buy it from an official local Asus dealer, so you can use the warranty in case of problems. It's very important. In Spain I enjoy a 3-year warranty, which is why it is more expensive here.

From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 14 - 34.0304.2004.75

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Community Manager
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