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Green tint when using night mode

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When using night mode, the white balance seems way too green. On my Pixel 5 the colors look much better when using night mode (especially white web pages).
The other color profiles with night mode disabled also look way to green compared to my Pixel 5 (except optimal maybe)


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@Mattias_ASUS I made a picture to demonstrate. Left Pixel 5, middle iPhone 12 Pro, Right Zenfone 9. All max brightness and max night mode.

Could it be a problem with my device?


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Looks exacly like it should. If you see green, then you are red-green colorblind.

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I also found this picture in the display review of the Zenfone 8, you can see a clear difference between the night mode of the 2 Asus devices and the other devices. It looks like night mode is not strong enough on the Asus phones, it could go way more towards yellow-orange.


Hi! I just tried it with my Z9 in full brightness and the effect of Night Light at max intensity is still comfortable and the intensity of the mode is higher than the one shown in the pictures above.
I even tried it in the lowest possible brightness and could barely see the screen with the lights on, did also the test changing framerates and it is all still very much similar.
Different phone makers produce different types of Night Light, there is not a certified standard.

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