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Glass cracked screen and touchpad working. Can you replace just the glass?

Star I

Hi all,

Just dropped my phone and the bottom of the screen is cracked... No pixel or touchpad issues. Can the glass be replaced?

Thanks #zenfone 9



Hey @SaGa31,
I'm not sure about that. I recommend contacting your nearest Asus repair center to get your device examined as the service team can guide you better.

Thanks for the reply. Is it easy to find an official Asus repair center? I want to make sure I can get the exact same screen if it needs to be replaced.

Hey @SaGa31,
Here, you can find the location of all the Asus repair centers situated in the US.

Thanks for the help but there are no phone repair references and if I select tablet none are near me (though I live in NYC). I will reach out to Asus and see.