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Fingerprint greyed out

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I have a Zenfone 9 firmware version ww_33.0804.2060.88 not rooted. Since I bought the phone I can't set fingerprint as an option for security unlock or the swipe to pull out notification drawer doesn't work and no apps have access to use the fingerprint reader. The power button works fine to turn off and on the screen.


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You can check if the fingerprint sensor is working at all by using the built-in "SMMI Test" tool:

Open calculator app, type " .12345+= " , then SMMI Test Interface will pop up.
Select "single test" and then "Fingerprint test". If you touch the power button with your finger, the tool should recognize it. If not, it may be a hardware issue and you will need to send it in for repair.

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 Issue: PIN and Fingerprint Sign-in Options are greyed out or Unavailable on Windows 10 PCs in a domain Environment. Check This My Post

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