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Draw V shape to activate flashlight

Star II

This is a request or message for the Asus Development Team. I'm using the Asus Zenfone 9 for a year now and I love almost everything about it. The only thing that I truly miss and haven't found a decent replacement for is: draw a V to activate the flashlight. I used it on my previous phones and miss it everyday. I'm a father of 2 and I need that flashlight multiple times/day (or night). I tried multiple shortcuts, rightnow the flashlight is activated when I double press the power button. Unfortunately that also activates my screen.. and since the fingerprint is so fast and accurate it mostly unlocks it as well...  Which brings me to the second problem: pocket calls. I never had a phone with more pocket call incidents.. But I truly think it's all because of the flashlight. Could you please add the option to the list? 



Do you use the Asus launcher? I have found the double-tap gesture works worse with Nova Launcher (perhaps because I use in-app gestures there as well). With the Asus launcher, it rarely misses. Also, I don't think the phone has ever triggered the flashlight by accident.

Two tricks: keep the phone relatively upright; and make sure the hits are not too strong. It took me a few tries to calibrate, but I quickly got the hang of it.

Rising Star II

I think I may have found a good solution for you. Install a third-party flashlight app (there are many reliable ones available - you can try simple flashlight, which also offers strobe etc.). Reboot. Go to Settings > Advanced > Gestures and, at the bottom of the page, pick a shape to draw on the screen, then select the flashlight app. (Note: the app will not be available to pick unless you reboot.)

You still have to unlock the phone after drawing the shape, though. 

That's the first thing I tried actually. The fact that I have to unlock my phone is the issue. I have a newborn and have my hands full a lot of the time.. if my phone is unlocked there is a big chance of unwanted touches and actions on my phone. I also like to put my phone in my pocket after activating the flashlight.. so then I have to lock the phone again after activating my flashlight etc etc.


I have already tried a combination of Tasker and 3rd party apps as well but nothing works ..

Thanks for the alternative solutions. But the best thing would be an update from Asus allowing the flashlight for V draw.