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Charge is slow

Star I

When i try to charge the icon strted blinking before going to normal. But the charge duration is so long, its supposed to be finish in 1 but it finished in 3 hours. Anyone have the same problem? Im using zenfone 9.


Zen Master I

Do you have battery care steady charging mode is activated? 

This mode protects the battery and prevents fast charging, so that it does not heat up and deteriorate over time. It is advisable to use fast charging only occasionally.

Yes actually, but still it takes way wayyy too long i dont really know whats wrong

You said that it took 3 hours to charge, but from what charge? From 10%? I think 3 hours is fine with a slow charge from 10% to 100%. It is for that. If you want to always use fast charging, disable the option and test the charge in a range equal to 10% to 100%, see if it takes les time.

This option is primarily intended for users who leave their phone charging overnight.

I charge it around 30% but thanks for the advice about turning the option off appreciate it.