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ASUS "Unlock Device App"

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Since my question was deleted in an open thread by the moderators I open my own. Many customers are facing the problem that they can't unlock their devices with the official app by ASUS (probably server down) and the moderators seems do doge every post or question about it but I will it try it again to ask.

If a moderator reads this - please be transparent about this topic. Many of your customers can't unlock their phones because of this issue and no further information is given to us. This problem exist now over a month and still there is no official information about this. Many people would be very thankful if a moderator would give us more insight about this and on when this issue will be fixed or if it ever will be fixed. 

ASUS as a big company should doing better with this kind of situation. And as a owner of a ASUS smartphone - it is our right to unlock the bootloader of said phones so resolving this issue should have some priority and most importantly - it should be resolved.

Much thanks in advance


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"Expected to be released till the end of October" October will be over in a bit, where's the tool?

First it was Q3 then it was early Q4. Asus is being very unreliable and it's disappointing. 

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Any new updates? Asus is dead fr 

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Asus, we'd really like a response, doesn't even have to be a definitive answer, just something to keep us posted.
Pretty please?

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Don't believe he tell lie now already Q3 no tool yet