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Anyone had their phone unlock itself from getting a notification?

Rising Star I

Has happened twice since the recent update. Got a message, about 5 seconds after locking the phone and the phone unlocked itself after receiving it. The fact that this is possible is really concerning.

Unrooted, so far has only happened with Discord.



Rising Star I

I have weird behavior with Telegram since last update. Sometimes I've got notification and the screen stays ON forever. I have manually press power button to disable the screen.

Star II

Yeah, I also noticed this a few times. Not sure what is actually triggering it. I have face unlock enabled, and seldom when i place my phone on a stand, it would just turns on the camera and unlocks. A bit bizzare since I am not touching the phone at all.

Hey @FoHa,
Does it happen randomly or are you able to recreate the issue?

It happens randomly and very seldom too, but when it happens it's very noticable as the screen would suddenly turns on, camera on, then unlocks as I sit nearby.

I don't use discord, but it seems to happen when I received notification like from email or whatsapp. As for settings, Wake screen on new notification is off, Lift phone to wake screen is off. Double Tap to unlock is on, Swipe up to unlock is on. Fingerprint unlock is Press and Touch, Face unlock is on.

I am just guessing here, but could it be that multiple notification accidentally registers as double tap as the phone. vibrate.